International Proofing Consortium

A group of highly-qualified, experienced proofreaders, who also offer other services such as scoping, reporting, writing, transcription, and written translations. (If it’s a language we don’t speak, we have connections.) Anything having to do with the English language, we can do.

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Although we specialize in proofreading deposition transcripts, we can and do proofread/edit any type of document and even websites. If English is not your first language, we can clean up your own words to make your writing read better.

A professional scopist or proofreader can greatly increase your productivity and efficiency. You can choose to take on more work and earn more money, or to spend more time with your family or hobbies.

With highly-qualified, experienced members in various time zones around the world, the International Proofreading Consortium can even work while you sleep. Imagine waking up to find all your work has been done for you by little elves overnight!

We don’t outsource to cut-rate foreign countries where the quality of your work is jeopardized by ESL workers. Every member of our team is a native speaker of American English, though some now choose to live in other areas.

If you’re satisfied, please recommend us to your friends. If not, please tell us what we can do better.

Our members are independent businesswomen who set their own prices and schedules. Generally, proofreading jobs will be returned to you within 2 business days, although we can usually accommodate an expedite. In exigent circumstances, Karen has been known to return a transcript within an hour or two!

Read the qualifications of our group by clicking Learn More. You can e-mail your job to the whole group, for the next available person to work on, or to the one person best-qualified for that particular job.