About Us

A group of highly-qualified experienced proofreaders.

Meet Our Proofreaders


Karen M. Campbell

Karen has a B.A. from Muhlenberg College, and attended University of San Diego School of Law; she edited/proofread for the newspapers at both schools. Professional experience includes nearly 2 decades as a litigation assistant (insurance defense and business litigation) and proofing for court reporters since 2000. Karen’s professional terminology vocabulary includes legal, medical, construction, and most types of expert testimony. She is also familiar with Latin, Yiddish, and most of the Western European languages, in the event you have a cosmopolitan witness. Karen offers many services.

Karen is our professional writer/desktop publisher, and can write/design brochures, sales letters or anything else for you.

On those occasions when Karen cannot personally proof your job by the deadline, you will be offered the option to have it read by one of her very competent backup proofers. This will not be done without notifying you, and you will receive the corrections directly from the backup.


University of San Diego School of Law
Muhlenberg College


Debra Oliver

Professional experience includes legal secretary (real estate and probate), hospital library researcher, editing/proofreading for newspapers, and in-house proofreader for a court reporting firm. Debra’s professional terminology vocabulary includes legal, real estate, medical, construction, and architecture.


University of West Florida

Carmelita Lee

Carmelita Lee, CSR, had 12 years experience as a court reporter in the United States District Court in Los Angeles, 5 years in the High Court of Dublin, and now works internationally as a freelance real-time reporter with a full-service agency in Israel. When she is not traveling on assignment, she scopes and proofreads for other reporters. She works on CaseCatalyst, and on rare occasions, if you smile and say “pretty please” she can dust off the old Turbocat system. Carmelita Lee has her own book out called Ramblings...off the record on Amazon.com

Please contact Carm directly if you need English-language depositions taken anywhere in Eurasia or the Middle East.

What is the advantage of a scopist or proofer so far from the States? When you're asleep, she's awake. The expedite you finish at midnight can be in your e-mail when you wake up. But because Carm is still an active reporter, be sure to make arrangements in plenty of time ... because you could have an emergency, and she could be reporting on the beach in Spain, or in a castle in Ireland!